Concours photos du forum Alfa Romeo MiTo & Giulietta

Mer 30 Nov 2011 - 15:14 par Moon

Félicitation, de la part de tout le Forum, au vainqueur Kent1 du Concours photo n°73 Décembre 2017 : "Votre Alfa et une autre Alfa"

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Carte des membres du forum Alfa Romeo MiTo & Giulietta

Ven 25 Nov 2011 - 18:43 par Moon

Où sont les membres du forum?

Le carte des membres est disponible ici:

Pour la compléter envoyez moi un message personnel à partir du forum et je vous ajouterai.

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Sondage sur vos Alfa Romeo Mito & Giulietta

Lun 10 Oct 2011 - 13:03 par Moon

Dans la catégorie "Votre MiTo & Giulietta"/"Quelle MiTo ou Giulietta possédez vous" du forum, sont disponible des sondages sur nos MiTo et Giulietta.

Motorisation de votre MiTo
Couleur de votre MiTo

Motorisation de votre Giulietta
Couleur de votre Giulietta

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c'est quoi le Q2 sur la MiTo

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c'est quoi le Q2 sur la MiTo

Message  Moon le Lun 30 Déc 2013 - 10:07

Alfa Add Electronic Q2 to New Generation

Making its debut on the Alfa 159 2008 model (Saloon and Sportwagon), Brera 2008 and Spider 2008 models is the Electronic Q2. Combining all the advantages of front-wheel drive, enhanced driving pleasure and control, and guaranteeing some of the advantages typical of an all wheel drive system. As a result, the system is matched perfectly to the torque capacity and power output, raising yet further the already excellent performance of these models.

The system works as follows. The Electronic Q2 system makes use of the brake system components, which in turn are controlled in an efficient manner by the ESP control module. The resulting effect is very similar to a limited slip differential (such as a mechanical Torsen differential). In particular, when accelerating out of a curve, the front wheel brake calipers apply torque to the internal wheel, so increasing the grip of the wheel. The traction is permanently balanced in a dynamic manner between the front and rear wheels, according to driving-and road-surface conditions. The Electronic Q2 is linked exclusively to the front wishbone suspension, allowing for a particularly efficient and sporty tuning of the vehicle.

Alfa Romeo, in fact, gained an excellent reputation among it's clients for its front suspension (it's not by chance that many in the motor industries apply our solution). Needles to say, that beyond the overall advantages of this type of design (weight, on-board comfort etc.), when in tight-driving conditions, the understeer prone character of front wheel drive allows the driver to respond to the vehicle’s needs more intuitively. It's here, that the sensation of front-wheel drive is being more “genuine” than a rear-wheel driven vehicle.

Instead, in the all wheel drive versions the Electronic Q2 is mated to the rear axle, further increasing the already famous easy and pleasant driving characteristics of the Q4, and in doing so, conferring a greater perception of sportiness. The performance is that of an integrated all wheel drive system with central Torsen differential and rear self-locking electronic differential.

To emphasize all these qualities, Alfa Romeo has put in place the Electronic Q2 system which has all the advantages of front-and-all wheel drive. Noticeably increasing: road holding, handling, stability, while at the same time reducing understeer and the need for corrective steering-wheel movements

Thanks to the evolution of electronics and hydraulic stability control systems, Alfa Romeo is able to modulate, in a continuous manner, the torque transfer to the wheels based on grip, vehicle speed and lateral acceleration. This means that nowadays, with the new E-Q2 function it is possible to control the braking, in a proportionate manner, of the particular wheel, which is about to lose grip and allow for the optimal torque transfer in terms of the best compromise between traction (in terms of acceleration) and the intended course.

The extent of the E-Q2 system’s intervention depends on: throttle position, selected gear, engine rpm, and difference in slip between the internal and external wheels.

This system represents an evolutionary leap for front wheel driven vehicles compared with conventional traction control systems, as illustrated below. When accelerating out of curve, without E-Q2, the internal wheel is subjected to a load reduction, thus increasing wheel slip and, because of the presence of a conventional differential, resulting in reduced traction capacity for the entire axle. Simultaneously, because of the traction loss, the vehicle tends to widen its course (understeer). The E-Q2 system, on the other hand, applies brake force to the inner wheel by means of a signal from the VDC control module, resulting in a torque increase to both drive shafts and therefore also transferring torque o to the external wheel with grip.

The E-Q2 system allows the driver to reach higher lateral acceleration levels during cornering, reducing understeer and the necessary steering angle to maintain the intended course.

Therefore we can say that the active intervention of the E-Q2 system is improving cornering traction while controlling understeer at the same time. The perceived effect is similar to that of a Q2 front differential; the moment in which internal wheel slip occurs, for example when accelerating in a curve, the E-Q2 slightly applies brake force to the internal wheel to allow torque to be transferred to the external wheel, thus maintaining speed and intended course.

The effect is perceptible until the limit of the external wheel’s grip is reached, at which point the conventional traction control (ASR) intervenes by limiting engine torque and/or through application of the brakes.

This means that the ASR intervenes at the moment when both wheels start loosing grip, which is more pronounced because of the torque cut and activation of the brake system.

The E-Q2 system works independently of the VDC system regardless of being part of the same vehicle stability control system: VDC intervenes in case of excessive over-or-understeer when it detects excessive rotation of the vehicle with respect to its vertical center axis, also when no power is being transferred to the driven wheels or with excessive steering being applied.


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Re: c'est quoi le Q2 sur la MiTo

Message  j-csbk012 le Mar 31 Déc 2013 - 11:09

J'avais pas vu Moon, super Wink
Quadrifoglio Verde
Quadrifoglio Verde

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Re: c'est quoi le Q2 sur la MiTo

Message  gunsman76 le Sam 9 Avr 2016 - 23:45

En français ?

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Re: c'est quoi le Q2 sur la MiTo

Message  Porsche911gt3 le Dim 10 Avr 2016 - 7:57


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Re: c'est quoi le Q2 sur la MiTo

Message  Contenu sponsorisé

Contenu sponsorisé

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